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Last night we went for a walk, my owner and I. She really needed to stretch her legs so I agreed to go with her. My territory could use some re-marking anyway. During our walk this phrase “attackwatch” kept being discussed by the neighbors. ( I need to go go out once in a while, but personally I think she likes the walks more than I do) So I keep looking around thinking who is this “attackwatch” and that it must be a new pooch in the neighborhood. It’s kind of like that movie “UP” and that silly pup that gets all excited when he thinks there is squirrel nearby (“SQUIRREL!”) But then I hear it’s really about Obama that wants all his friends to tattletail to him on anyone who is saying things he doesn’t like. Are you kidding me? What a Flea! First he’s sucking the life blood out of the economy and now he wants a report on when everyone scratches? Bowser! I’m getting all itchy just hearing this stuff. Someone get me some garlic, quick…..Please!

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