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Who Does Bloomberg Think He Is?

September 11, 2001
The United States of America is attacked by foreign nationals. The attack was not a local event, it was not a local tragedy, and it was not just a local concern. This attack shook the foundation of who we are as Americans. The whole country suffered loss and has grieved over the pain of that attack. We gave our hearts to the families who suffered the most, gave our time to help our neighbors; we gave a measure of our fortunes to overcome the ravages of the hate that was exposed that day.

Publicly we cried together, mourned together, prayed together and worked together to recover from the devastation that occurred. Of all that was done on that day and since, the one single action that almost all people around the world joined in together for the help and healing of America is PRAYER.

September 11, 2011
Ten years later, at ground zero, the first sight of attack and the place that suffered the most damage we will gather to remember. We will remember the lives lost, we will remember the towers that stood tall housing many centers of world-wide commerce. We will remember the sacrifices made by those during and after the attacks to help not only their fellow Americans, but also those foreign visitors and workers who just happen to get caught in the fray.

This is not only a nationally relevant ceremony, but will have an international audience. For Mayor Bloomberg to specifically determine to keep prayer or any clergy out of the ceremony is not only unconscionable, but is completely unacceptable.

It is a slap in the face not only of the vast majority of Americans, but people of faith internationally.

This begs me to ask the question, “Who is Bloomberg, really?”

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