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Hi God

It’s me, Jack. Priceless little dog with the extra-large brain? I KNOW you remember me. I am anything but forgettable!
We’ve visited before. I don’t like to bother you much with all you have to do. You have all those folks in Japan after the tsunami. Doesn’t heaven get crowded when that kind of thing happens? Lots of dogs died, and while I ‘m not a big fan, cats died too. Very sad things happening; droughts here, floods there, tornadoes where whole families lost everything, and sometimes even each other.
Is this Your way of showing us how sad You are?
My human says things are quite a mess. She says it’s all about money and attitude. Some people have the attitude that says other people owe them money, when they really don’t. They are angry at the people who have more money, even if they worked for it, some people think everybody should just be given things because they want them. The other people take whatever they want and don’t care who it hurts. IF they have a lot of stuff, they want more. And none of them knows how much they really have. Everybody seems to be so angry all the time. I think that makes them too tired for the things that really matter. It makes me sad, and I bet it really makes Your heart hurt.
God, I know You made all of them. I know they all matter to You, and I am sorry for the way they hurt You and each other. I wish I knew how to get them to stop, but I don’t. I’m just a dog, even if I am one You endowed with more reasoning powers and better communication skills than the average liberal. (Thank you for that BTW).
I would be happy to climb on Your lap, lick Your face and cuddle up with You if that would make you feel better. It’s not much, but it is the best I can do.
You do Your best, I’ll do mine. We’ll find our way through this together. Just don’t give up on us, OK? We’re in a rough patch, but if you stand by us, I know we can make it.
Jack M. Pinscher

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