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I KnowJack by Camero Jones and Laura Allbritton

Jack’s Rap…Is Jack Running for President?   I don’t know……Obama Don’t Know Jack

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Be Still

Today is a day for being still and knowing God. Realizing all his blessings. He gave me Mom and Dad. He gave me a wonderful community of friends online who love me before even meeting me. He gives me new friends everywhere I go. He leads me to green pastures, as it says in His
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Last night we went for a walk, my owner and I. She really needed to stretch her legs so I agreed to go with her. My territory could use some re-marking anyway. During our walk this phrase “attackwatch” kept being discussed by the neighbors. ( I need to go go out once in a while,
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A Political Circus

Well President Obama has now called the ranglings of the past 2+ years a political circus. Actually he’s close, it’s really a flea circus and Mr. Obama is the Chief Executive Flea. One home remedy for removing fleas is to eat garlic every day. Maybe instead of sending tea bags to Washington DC we should
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